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Sell To Us

Introductory Discussion

Let's start with an introductory call to establish a solid understanding of each other.

Vendor Application

Anticipate receiving a vendor application via email, streamlining the process of initiating a new vendor account with us.

Competitive Procurement for Your IT Needs

We engage in purchasing products through silent bids, live bids, or spot buys. Leveraging our robust selling channels enables us to offer the most competitive prices for your mobility products.

Premium Shipping Solutions

Our dedicated logistics team is dedicated to manage your shipments comprehensively, if necessary. From providing shipping materials to arranging pickups through reputable carriers worldwide within 24 hours, we ensure a seamless shipping experience.

Efficient Processing

With streamlined processes acquired by years of market expertise, we meticulously audit all equipment, including data sanitization, testing, and grading, to maximize the value of your assets.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our processing audits yield detailed reports on the devices received. You'll receive data sanitization, grading, and testing reports, empowering you with transparent insights into the disposition process.

Continuous Growth and Enhancement

Our operational frameworks are designed to foster enduring relationships and facilitate growth. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to nurture and expand our partnerships with you.

Serialized Tracking & Receiving

Each unit is received, logged into our system, and given a unique asset tag, so we always know its status at any given time during its journey to you. Phones are quarantined in a secure area that is only accessible by authorized personnel.

Complete Functionality Testing

The device is put through a comprehensive 60-point software and hardware diagnostic process to ensure the device is fully functioning.

Knitting & Packing

We offer white glove service for your enterprise. Shipping material labels and pick up arrangements will be made by our team. Don’t have time to deal with logistics ? we will send a team to deal with shipping.

Reporting & Auditing

Detailed reports generated for each device by serial number. A full report will furnished to your team showing functional and grading results.

Data Sanitization & Destruction

We utilize the latest technology to ensure complete data sanitization and destruction. Our proprietary software connects through an open API with our data sanitization partner to confirm data destruction through a scan point.

Consistent Grading

Each unit undergoes a meticulous grading process according to industry standards to ensure accurate and consistent quality across all distribution platforms.

Quick Turnaround

Our team is capable of shipping your products to anywhere on the globe within 24 hours.