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At Universal Cellular Inc, we understand that inconsistent and inaccurate grading can harm your business. That’s why we offer transparent and consistent grading for all of our stock. We do a full 60 point inspection to guarantee fully functional devices

We currently offer five grading descriptions to ensure that our customers know exactly what they are getting:

Grade A

The used device is like new. The device shows no sign of use and is in impeccable condition.

Grade A/B

The used device is in excellent condition with very few wear marks. The device may show a few hairline scratches or smaller marks on the body.

Grade B/C

The used device shows moderate wear and tear. Only up to two deep scratches on the body or screen the devices body might have small dings.

Grade C

The used device will show three or more dents or scratches on the body and screen.

Grade D:

The used device shows heavy wear and tear, deep dents and deep scratches are easily visible. The device is still free of chips and cracks.

Why You Should Buy From Us?

Fully Tested Phones

Each device has undergone rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high standards.

24 Hours RMA Response

24-hour RMA response in the event that you’re not happy with your order

30 Day Warranty Check

We stand by the quality of our products, offering a 30-day warranty to give you and your customers peace of mind.

Trusted Company

With over a decade in the business, our Responsible recycling certification is a testament to our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.